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This region is known for fresh fish, seafood, crab, and lobster. Here are 5 dishes not to be missed during your holidays in Gaspésie! 

Fish Soup
Bourride (fish stew), Gaspesian soup, bouillabaisse… all variations of this fish soup are a must during your time in Gaspésie! Enjoy at local restaurants or in one of the fish markets from their take out menus.

Lobster Clubs
The classic club sandwich, the Gaspesian way! Lobster season begins early May and ends at the end of June, and the live lobsters are kept fresh in tanks all summer in several fish markets and restaurants. Embrace this local opportunity to enjoy an excellent fresh lobster club all summer long in the restaurants and snack bars of the Gaspésie.


Photo : Mathieu Dupuis

Codfish Cake
Closely linked to Gaspésie’s history, the cod fishery influenced several aspects of the life of the people of the Gaspé Peninsula. It is therefore not surprising to find this fish in several traditional recipes. The codfish cake is a good example. Enjoyed in several restaurants, it is often a delight for children.

With 22 salmon rivers, Gaspésie is an excellent destination to fish for this species. The Bonaventure, York, Darmouth, St-Jean, Madeleine, Matane and Cascapédia Rivers are magnificent, but the Matapedia Valley remains undoubtedly the salmon kingdom. Be sure to taste a delicious fresh salmon pavé or smoke salmon in one of the restaurants nearby  !

Photo : Gaspésie Gourmande

Shrimp Guédille 
The guédille is a classic way to taste the Northern shrimp in the snack bars or restaurants of Gaspésie! You can also find some in fish markets to grab and eat outside, in a park or by the beahc. Each kitchen prepares shrimp in its own way: fresh shrimps and lettuce, or shrimp salad, take your turn to taste and find your favorite version. Try the other variations of guédille such as the crab or lobster roll.


Flavours of the sea are omnipresent in the region, but you will also find a multitude of other unique local products. Algae chocolates, yak beers, and other local delights are carefully prepared by enthusiastic makers. Meet them in their shops, or discover their products in one of the Gaspésie Gourmande associated establishments. Ready to taste Gaspésie? #gaspesiemyvacation

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